Epoca Due / royal blue-brick
Epoca Due / royal blue-brick

Epoca Due / royal blue-brick

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    New Zealand Wool Tufted Rug 
    Designed by Alissa + Nienke Studio
    Made in Italy

    Epoca is a 100% top quality New Zealand wool rugs collection that plays with overtones.

    Its design represents the erosion process give by the time on ancient buildings.
    Using degrades shades it have been created a timeless and soft decoration that seeing closer it lets the look discover all the layers hide behind that design.

    The several number of historic buildings in Italy makes possible to discover their past observing their exterior walls erosion process.

    This magnificent design give us back a glimpse of how these buildings have been expertly built by Italian artisans and understand how these skills gave a very long life to those architectures.


    Sizes: 150 x 200; 200 x 260; 300 x 390 cm (custom size on request)
    Material: 100% top quality New Zealand Wool 
    Delivery Time: 7-14 days 

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